Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak Asih is located at Jl Panglima Polim, Melawati, Kebaoyoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. This hospital is a leading mother and child hospital and focusing on Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatrics.

RSIA Asih has been operating more than 37 years. The hospital is provided with good parking areas and modern facilities. Besides, we provide many types of medical services at the same medical center, giving you one-stop service for routine care, laboratory tests, X-rays, and pharmacy, plus timely access to specialty care, health education classes, and other health care services.

RSIA Asih is a hospital that provides best practice healthcare. The staff at RSIA Asih focus on safety, quality, and performance. All employees provide a safe, high-quality and patient-centered care.

RSIA Asih is trusted by the public because it is managed by Good Corporate Governance which applying good and right risk management in order to ensure the quality and patient safety.

 Some of the specialties at RSIA Asih are in the field of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatrics.



Service and Amenities

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100% Smoke free Hospital
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Free Full Breakfast
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Breastfeeding Center

For most new mothers and their babies, breastfeeding is a rewarding and beneficial experience. Numerous studies have indicated that breastfed infants tend to experience fewer illnesses, are less likely to develop allergies, and have a lower incidence of diabetes than their bottle-fed counterparts. Besides the health benefits provided to a newborn, breastfeeding is less expensive, and often more convenient, than bottle-feeding. Most new mothers, however, have many questions or even doubts about breastfeeding. RSIA Asih Breastfeeding Center offers women an encouraging, supportive, and informative environment in which to learn more about the pros and cons of breastfeeding. The Center is staffed by certified lactation consultants who are available to offer advice, counseling and training in all aspects of breastfeeding.
The Breastfeeding Center hosts an ongoing support group for breastfeeding mothers and their infants. Here, under the supervision of a lactation specialist, mothers meet to share encouragement and support for their decision to breastfeed. Any breastfeeding mother and her infant may attend these no-cost meetings, provided both are free of communicable illnesses (i.e. cold, flu, cough, etc.). Due to safety considerations, infants are permitted to attend only until they are able to crawl. In addition to sponsoring the breastfeeding support group, the Center provides one-on-one consultations for nursing mothers. Our lactation consultants can provide advice on nutrition, breast pumps, weaning and various other breastfeeding issues. Mothers receiving inpatient maternity care at RSIA Asih may enjoy a private consultation free of charge.
For a variety of reasons, some women experience difficulties when breastfeeding. For these women, breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories can ease the discomfort or complications that result from inadequate milk supply, engorged or infected breasts, flat or sore nipples, or other special circumstances. The Breastfeeding Center stocks a large supply of breast pumps, such as the Medela Pump in Style, adapter kits, breast cups, nursing bras, pads, pillows, and other accessories that can help improve the breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby.

Laboratory Services

Hospital lab does testing on clinical specimens. A clinical specimen is anything from a patient. Common specimens to test are blood and tissue, but the specimen can be anything — sweat, hair, fingernails. In the lab, the majority of tests are done on blood, urine, tissue, cerebral spinal fluid, or other bodily fluids.

The Laboratory at RSIA Asih is divided into separate sections, depending on the technology being used or the specific type of testing being done. Clinical Chemistry concentrates on tests done on the fluid portion of blood, as well as some other bodily fluids. Hematology looks at the cellular components of blood and coagulation involved in clotting. Microbiology deals with infectious diseases, which can include diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, or tuberculosis. The Blood Bank deals with transfusions and Donor Services receives blood from donors to supply the Blood Bank. Phlebotomy collects blood specimens for testing. Histology and Cytology deal with anatomic pathology.

Staffed by pathologists, lab technologists and lab technicians, RSIA Asih’s Lab has 40 – 45 full-time employees, and an additional 20 – 25 part-timers. The lab is in operation 24/7. Aside from being able to cross match units of blood and arrange for blood transfusions, the lab is always ready to accept specimens for culture, cardiac enzymes, drug monitoring, and basic testing such as coagulation testing, complete blood count (CBC), electrolytes, and chemistry assays.

A hospital laboratory is an integral part of the hospital, as it is a “service center” that consults with patients’ physicians. History and good communication between the lab and the ordering physician are important. In this regard, hospital labs offer an advantage. The ability to correlate with previous results or with physician clinical information adds a layer of scrutiny beyond all the internal efforts made toward accuracy. If there is any question, problem with the nature of a specimen, or any technical, storage, or transportation problem, there will be rapid communication, and any suspect result will be re-checked.

It is a good idea to keep a record of your lab results for future reference and comparison. If a lab result is normal, filing a copy is sufficient. If a lab result is abnormal, it should be discussed with your physician who might recommend repeating the test or running some additional testing to determine the cause of the abnormality.




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Every mother wants to know she has the best medical care possible when bringing a new baby into the world. The expert physicians, nurses and health care professionals who staff the maternity centers at RSIA Asih are available 24/7 to help you.

Obstetrician or Certified Nurse Midwife
Weeks before your due date, you should talk to your obstetrician about whether you would like to use pain relief techniques or medications during childbirth.
Your obstetrician or midwife will monitor you and your baby throughout labor and delivery, and for six weeks after delivery. RSIA Asih also has a board-certified obstetrician on site round the clock to help you in the hospital.

When you are ready to deliver your baby in the hospital, the anesthesiologist administers and monitors pain relief you may need during childbirth. Epidural anesthesia is commonly used to block the pain from contractions.
An anesthesiologist is available on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
A perinatologist is an obstetrician who has additional advanced training in high-risk pregnancies. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide comprehensive care and consultation for women with high-risk pregnancies. They also can provide genetic counseling, ultrasounds and prenatal diagnosis.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
A certified nurse midwife provides full maternity services, including prenatal, birth and postpartum care, to low-risk patients. Your CNM will monitor you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. The CNM works with an obstetrician who is available if needed during your pregnancy or hospital stay.

Labor and Delivery Nurse
Your labor and delivery nurse will support and encourage you throughout the birthing process. The nurses are highly trained, with more than 50 percent achieving national certification in their specialty. They also hold certification in neonatal resuscitation and basic life support to provide high-risk and emergency care for both you and your baby.

Mother Baby Nurse
RSIA Asih uses a family-centered approach to childbirth. You will be assigned a mother baby nurse who will care for both you and your baby and communicate with the rest of the team for specific needs.

Your baby will be evaluated at birth and seen usually once a day by a pediatrician while you are in the hospital. The pediatrician or nurse practitioner will stop by your room and explain your baby's progress. Be sure to ask any questions you may have at this time.

A neonatologist is a pediatrician with advanced training in treating premature or sick infants. If your obstetrician feels it is necessary, a neonatologist may be present at your baby's delivery. The neonatologist works mainly in our Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist
The perinatal clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse responsible for in-service education, new staff orientation, updating protocols, implementing changes in practice, and translating research into practice. The nurse specialist may also work with high-risk patients or new parents with special needs.

Doulas are women who have received special training to provide physical and emotional support to women in labor. The doula remains by the woman’s side throughout the birth process. If needed, a postpartum doula can assist the mother during her hospital stay, providing breastfeeding support and guidance on caring for her newborn. 

Social Worker or Care Manager
The social worker can assist you and your family with pregnancy-related problems, financial resources, referrals and FamilyCare, plus home care services, equipment and insurance coverage for special needs.

Patient Liaison or Concierge
The patient liaison/concierge coordinates services such as massages, guest meals or special requests. Maternity tours are also arranged through the patient liaison/concierge.

Lactation Consultant
While the Maternity Center nurses can get you started breastfeeding and help throughout your hospital stay, a lactation consultant is available for any difficulties you may encounter.

Nutrition Services
Pregnancy is a time in your life when you become more aware of nutrition and the important role it plays in helping your baby grow. Being pregnant often motivates women to improve their diet and lifestyle so that they can be as healthy as possible. The dietitian offers individual counseling sessions to answer questions, offer suggestions and help you manage pregnancy-related dietary issues.

Other members of the patient care team you may see:
Religious ministries staff
Birth certificate clerk







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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Having a baby is an exciting experience and RSIA Asih will do everything possible to make it enjoyable The staffs are honored to serve as a trusted health partner for you and your baby. The health care team specializes in caring for expectant and new mothers, and their babies. Your team includes board-certified OB/GYN physicians, certified nurse-midwives, pediatricians, anesthesia providers, registered nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers, behavioral health consultants, discharge care coordinators, obstetrical technicians, certified personal service assistants and support staff.

RSIA Asih offers a wide range of programs and services to assist new and expecting mothers. From childbirth education to lactation consultation to genetic counseling, the staffs are here for you during this special time. RSIA Asih provides OB/GYN services for the greater Jakarta Area and is the primary referral center for high-risk pregnancies. In fact, more than 1,500 babies are delivered annually at RSIA Asih.

The hospital provides private delivery as well as, private and semi-private recovery rooms. Each private mother baby room accommodates for a family member to stay with mom and baby. The health care team of physicians, midwives, registered nurses and specialists care for you and your baby around the clock. The staffs of RSIA Asih want to ensure that you receive the very best care. 

Members of your team are experts in their field, in terms of medical expertise and their genuine devotion to the well-being of women and children. Your team is committed to ensuring you and your baby are provided the best possible care.

RSIA Asih Obstetrics & Gynecology services include:

  • Gynecologic Services (women’s health, not related to pregnancy)
  • Gynecologic Oncology (women’s cancer)
  • Midwifery (pregnancy followed by a midwife)
  • Obstetrics (pregnancy followed by a doctor)
  • Health Education Childbirth Education Classes (breastfeeding, hypnoBirthing, Snuggle Time, etc.)
  • Perinatology/High-Risk Obstetrics/Maternal Fetal Medicine for high-risk pregnancies
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU/Special Care Nursery for sick babies)
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Nurse Family Partnership (nurse home visiting program)


RSIA Asih is among Indonesian’s leaders in pediatric care. The pediatricians provide expert treatment for infants, children and adolescents in an atmosphere that’s comforting and reassuring. As a parent, you’ll feel confident knowing your child is in the very best hands.

Pediatric emergencies are handled in a distinct section of the emergency room, which includes a separate admitting and waiting area for privacy. It’s a comfortable and safe alternative to the average hospital ER. At least one pediatrician is on hand 24/7, supported by a team of nurses and other medical personnel.

Newborn babies are cared for in the acclaimed Well-Baby Nursery, where they receive round-the-clock monitoring by the team of nurses and pediatricians.

RSIA Asih understands that children and adolescents require different care and a different environment than adults, so they can heal quickly, safely and comfortably. The staffs devote an entire inpatient ward of the hospital exclusively to pediatric care. Here, your child is treated by a multidisciplinary team.

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