RS Abdi Waluyo

Welcome to Rumah Sakit Abdi Waluyo. We appreciate this opportunity to provide you with information about the hospital. Our goal is to anticipate and meet your information needs, and we welcome suggestions on how best to do this.

RS Abdi Waluyo is located near where you live, work and play at Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 31 
Jakarta Pusat. The hospital is situated in a convenient, central Jakarta, with easy access to the City.

RS Abdi Waluyo provides rapid assessment, intervention, and treatment for numerous common and complex conditions. Patients receive customized individual care. This has made RS Abdi Waluyo the hospital of choice for Neurology, Women’s Health Center, Orthopedics, and Heart Center.

RS Abdi Waluyo is also committed to continuous improvement and development of services and standards of care, to ensure that the hospital continues to provide the highest level of medical excellence.

Everything that RS Abdi Waluyo does, from the patient feedback questionnaires and investment in the latest facilities, through to the external auditing processes and accreditations, is to ensure that RS Abdi Waluyo stays at the forefront of private healthcare.