RS Islam Jakarta Group

The idea of the establishment of the Jakarta Islamic Hospital is originated from the felt need for hospital services which has islam-breath. Dr.H.Kusnadi also as one of the leaders of Muhammadiyah was awakened and began to think about the need for a hospital which has islamic-breath service.

Dr.H.Kusnadi always said about the idea to build a hospital. Therefore, in a short time Dr.H.Kusnadi finally was able to convince the parties concerned to help support the establishment of the hospital, including the important figures in Muhammadiyah Association. Then, in accordance with the objectives and efforts of Muhammadiyah so far, Muhammadiyah leaders also agreed to immediately set up a hospital in Jakarta.

After some considerations and proposals about the establishment of the hospital as well as the provisions of existing law, then on 18 April 1967 under the certificate number 36 in 1967 with the notary R.Surojo Wongsowidjojo, Jakarta Islamic Hospital Foundation chaired by Dr.Kusnadi officially was built.

Then the Foundation board is getting intense, especially in getting construction fund of a hospital.