RS Dharma Nugraha

Rumah Sakit Dharma Nugraha is one of the nation's leading hospital in Balai Pustaka Baru, Pulo Gadung, Jakarta. It has been at the forefront of medical care since 1996 when it first opened to patients. 

More than 64 physicians and nurses, therapists and other support staff work together to provide compassionate care and superior outcomes. RS Dharma Nugraha's multidisciplinary approach allows patients access to preeminent physicians from every medical specialty, who cooperate to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient. 

RS Dharma Nugraha relies on qualified human resources, sophisticated equipment and, more importantly, attention, respect, and agility to offer quality health care. We are prepared to tailor our services to the needs of every patient to guarantee excellence and a positive experience. 

Comprehensive screening, rapid diagnosis and treatment for women with all types of conditions of the breast are available at RS Dharma Nugraha. The Breast Center combines the most advanced imaging technologies — including advanced 3D mammography — for screening and diagnosis with the expertise of our long-established multidisciplinary Breast Evaluation and Treatment Program. 

Committed to patient care, education and research, RS Dharma Nugraha has earned a reputation for excellence in OBGYN, Gastroenterology Services, Pediatrics and Cardiovascular Care. 



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The specialists provide evaluation and genetic counseling for women who are at high risk for breast cancer, as well as evaluation and treatment for non-malignant disorders such as breast pain.

The Breast Center offers a complete range of breast imaging services — mammography, ultrasound, and MRI — using all-digital imaging technologies for screening and early detection.

Laboratory Services

RS Dharma Nugraha Clinical Laboratory offers a comprehensive menu of laboratory tests including clinical chemistry, special chemistry, microbiology, anatomic pathology, serology, hematology, urinalysis, blood banking, and cytology. The use of efficient clinical laboratory testing in medicine is a cornerstone of modern disease diagnosis and management. Our laboratory exams provide the scientific objectivity critical to the safe and effective practice of medicine.

RS Dharma Nugraha Clinical Laboratory is staffed by highly trained laboratory professionals, Phlebotomists, Laboratory Assistants, and licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS).

Our lab scientists are dedicated to the analysis, management, diagnosis, and results of every patient sample. RS Dharma Nugraha Clinical Laboratory performs millions of tests each year by friendly and highly trained laboratory professionals that get you accurate results efficiently.

Endoscopy Center 

An endoscopy is a procedure that looks inside a patient’s body for diagnostic purposes and uses an instrument called an endoscope to perform certain operations. An endoscope is a long, flexible tube, about the size of your index finger, with a camera at one end. Depending on the procedure, the endoscope will be inserted through a body opening, such as the mouth or anus. The procedure offers a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and requires only mild sedation.

The Endoscopy Centre at RS Dharma Nugraha offers a full range of endoscopic services and is designed to combine a caring environment with the latest facilities. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is performed in the center include capsule endoscopy, gastroscopy, EUS (endoscopic ultrasound), ERCP, cystoscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, neuro gastro physiology, PEG insertion and NJ tube insertion.

The services are provided using the latest technology, such as The Pillcam platform. This platform provides a view of the GI tract in its natural state as images are captured from a camera which is swallowed by the patients and these images are relayed to an external receiver.

When you have an endoscopy test at RS Dharma Nugraha, you will benefit from:

  • Access to a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the latest equipment and specialist endoscopy nurses
  • A quicker recovery time, due to the minimally invasive techniques

NICU, Neonatal Nutrition and Lactation Support Services

The NICU is staffed with Licensed/Registered Dietitians who have specialized training in the area of neonatal nutrition. They participate in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team to develop nutrition care plans for each infant, monitor growth progress, and provide parent education.

Certified lactation consultants have advanced training in breastfeeding support. They help mothers and families initiate and maintain breastfeeding, overcome obstacles, and provide emotional and educational support to prevent early weaning and enhance maternal satisfaction.



Våre ansatte

The hospital worker can help you look at your current situation. Together we can review your medical history and your questions, and help you develop plans to accomplish your goals. Besides, a hospital worker can help you and your family make the most beneficial use of your hospital stay, and appropriate plans for when you leave.

We're glad you asked. Everyone at RS Dharma Nugraha is dedicated to delivering the best possible care with dignity and respect for the people we serve. We call that dedication Humancare, and we strive to improve health wherever there are humans that need care.

Rs Dharma Nugraha physicians are leaders in their fields and working alongside a highly skilled nursing and professional staff. No matter who you meet at RS Dharma Nugraha – from the x-ray technologist to the critical care nurse, the admissions staff to the chief of surgery – everyone is committed to providing quality care to every patient and family member with respect, warmth, and compassion.


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Gastroenterology Services

Dharma Nugraha's Gastroenterology Services feature state-of-the-art facilities for a wide variety of complex and routine gastroenterology procedures. Our medical team offers specialized services using new techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat diseases of the digestive system. Among our specialized services include: interventional endoscopy, motility, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, end-stage liver disease management, and liver transplantation. Our physicians are committed to setting the standard for excellence in patient care.

Cardiovascular Care

The Division of Heart & Vascular provides comprehensive, patient-centered care for men and women with heart disease. From the  skilled-cardiologists, most effective treatments to immediate access to a robust team of physician specialists to compassionate nursing and convenient appointment scheduling, we meet every patient and family need inside the most integrated and technologically-equipped cardiovascular center.

Our board certified cardiologists provide advanced heart care for all conditions— common to complex—including coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, congenital heart disease and heart valve disease. 


RS Dharma Nugraha is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health of new mothers and their babies. The OB-GYN, provides expert, multidisciplinary care for women and newborns who have complications identified prior to or during pregnancy.

Our Center provides comprehensive assessment and treatment of fetal disease. Women without pregnancy complications also are welcome for services, including genetic counseling. High-risk newborns are cared for by the specialty staff of our on-site Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Pediatric Specialist 

A pediatric specialist receives special training in treating the complex needs of chronic conditions in children. These specialists understand that children are not just small adults but have unique needs both emotionally and developmentally that require specialized, coordinated and individualized care.


Ledige Stillinger

At RS Dharma Nugraha, you'll find a workplace where collaboration and teamwork are the norms, not the exception – physicians, nurses, technicians, staff and management form a close-knit bond, based on mutual respect and devotion to our patients. If you want an enormously fulfilling career, there’s no better place to be.

If you are interested in working in a collaborative atmosphere with people who are dedicated to a high-quality patient care, with an emphasis on service and respect, then we invite you to apply for our current openings at RS Dharma Nugraha Career Center.

Employment opportunities are updated on an ongoing basis, so we encourage you to check back regularly. Through your individualized Career Center account, you can check the status of your application daily. Our recruiters are able to send you emails through the system and keep you up-to-date on application process activities.

Thank you for your interest in RS Dharma Nugraha, and we wish you success in your career search.