RS St. Carolus

RS St. Carolus is located in Jl. Salemba Raya No. 41, Senen, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta. On January 21, 1919, St. Carolus healthcare was started and blessed by Mgr. E.S Luypen, SJ with the capacity of 40 beds. Since its initial establishment of RS St. Carolus, General Chairman of General Congregation emphasizes service that promotes respect for life and human dignity, especially for those who are weak, poor, and marginalized, according to the spirituality of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Borromeo.

In healthcare delivering, the Union of St. Carolus strives service that can reach all level of society, illuminated and energized by the Christian faith, guided by the teaching of the Catholic Church, as well as the applicable law in Indonesia. Thus, it seems clear that the health work is the fruit of suitable cooperation among common people, religious people, and the bishop hierarchy.

In order to the Union of St. Carolus is able to quickly deliver high-quality healthcare, as well as meet the need of the community that is constantly evolving, the Union needs to improve the hospital management which has effective, efficient and holistic services.

RS St. Carolus offers comprehensive healthcare and multiple, independently recognized Centers of Excellence including: Pediatrics, Heart and Vascular, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterohepatology, Nephrology, Hematology and Medical Oncology, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, ENT, Neuroscience, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Urology, Rehabilitation, and Dentistry.


Service and Amenities

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Healing Garden

The healing garden at RS St. Carolus offers patients, family members and medical staff a chance to be around nature and to escape, if for only a little while, the stress and stimulation of a clinical environment.

The garden was created to nourish and to inspire those who use it. The garden offers another aspect of healing that goes along with medicine but is different from medicine. These are the benefits of nature that come from plants, wonderful light and the trickling of water.

The restorative power of garden is an ancient idea that still has therapeutic power. The Healing Garden is growing shade trees, perennials, evergreens, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. Water sculptures and a tranquil pool add to the atmosphere. Views from the garden are framed by bronze screens that borrow design elements such as birds and reeds. Most of the plants come from everyday life, and the healing aspect is intended to come from this very familiarity.

The focus is on life rather than illness. Plants with strong scents are absent because some cancer treatments increase sensitivity to them.

For a sick patient, a stressed relative or a tired nurse, the garden will be a temporary "place of peace" in the midst of dealing with illness and pain. It will mean the difference between a bad day and a hopeful day.


At RS St. Carolus, you can rest easy knowing your care is in the best hands. The surgical specialists share a common goal: creating a patient experience dedicated to superior quality, safety, satisfaction, and the best possible outcomes.

Over the years, advancements in medicine, modernization of equipment, and increasingly sophisticated surgical services have revolutionized care at RS St. Carolus. The hospital offers a variety of services designed to facilitate rapid recovery from surgery, and strives to offer advanced care in a comfortable environment.

The board-certified surgeons and experienced surgical teams use both traditional and minimally invasive approaches to treat disease or injury.The staffs work with patients before surgery to prepare them physically, as well as to decrease anxiety by explaining what to expect. The surgeons and staffs take time to answer patients' questions about the procedure, the expected recovery process, and the long-term outcome.

After surgery, RS St. Carolus has a range of services designed to speed healing and get patients back to their lives. From sub-acute care to inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, RS St Carolus takes care of all the details so that you can stay focused on making a quick recovery.

Types of specialty surgery RS St. Carolus offers: pediatric surgery, general surgery, digestive surgery, orthopedic surgery and traumatology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, surgical oncology, and neurosurgery.

Nutrition and Dietetics

RS St. Carolus is committed to the importance of good nutrition for patient wellbeing and for aiding recovery from illness.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has facilitated the implementation of a nutrition screening tool to help identify patients at risk or suffering from malnutrition, and continues to support and train other healthcare professionals in helping to improve this very important part of patient care.
In addition, the team work with the Catering Department to ensure there is a varied patient choice at mealtimes, which meets most people’s nutritional and dietary requirements.

The department has dietitians providing services to a range of specialties, including nutritional support, gastroenterology, diabetes, paediatrics, critical care and stroke care. The staffs are committed to the ongoing professional development of ourselves and others, taking part in local, national and hospital-based audit programmes.

An important area of the work is education and training, to both other healthcare professionals (many of which are open to community and nursing home staff) and patient groups – such as cardiac, stroke rehabilitation and diabetes education programmes.

Dietitians are the only legally registered nutrition professionals. They are governed by an ethical code to ensure that they always work to the highest standard.

Nutrition has been proven to play a key role in the prevention and treatment of disease. Dietitians aim to prevent or treat ill health by translating their expert knowledge of nutrition into practical dietary advice. The dietitian is part of a multi-professional team of specialists who treat patients. A consultation with a Dietitian is confidential, impartial and tailored to the individual.

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Medicine is complex, and caring for patients involves more than just treating their diseases. It sometimes takes a team of medical professionals who work together to address patient needs, such as pain management, treatment, rehabilitation and emotional issues.
The medical field is made up of a variety of allied healthcare specialists who play different roles in caring for patients. A doctor or nurse will likely be working closely with other medical professionals. It is helpful to have a clear understanding of what each allied specialty involves in order to coordinate appropriate patient services. Here are below members of professional healthcare team in RS St. Carolus:

  • Physician

The doctor who admits you is responsible for directing your care throughout your hospital stay. He or she will direct all arrangements for medication, special diets, laboratory tests, therapy and/or other treatments. Your doctor, as the coordinator of your treatment program, should be consulted if you have any questions about your illness or injury.

  • Specialist 

Specialist physicians practice medicine in a variety of specialized areas. Examples of specialized areas can include: anesthesiology, cardiac surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and plastic surgery. The titles of general practitioner (or GP) and family physician are separate practitioners in the medical profession. General practitioners and family physicians provide broad care and medical attention to individuals and families, and will refer patients to specialist physicians when needed.

Specialist physicians in clinical medicine diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders and act as consultants to other physicians. Specialist physicians in clinical medicine perform some or all of the following duties:

  1. Diagnose and treat diseases and physiological or psychiatric disorders
  2. Order laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures
  3. Prescribe medication and treatment and refer patients for surgery

Specialist physicians in laboratory medicine study the nature, cause and development of diseases in humans. Specialist physicians in laboratory medicine perform some or all of the following duties:

  1. Study the nature, cause and development of diseases in humans and the structural and functional changes caused by diseases
  2. Conduct microscopic and chemical analyses of laboratory samples and specimens

Specialists in surgery are referred to as surgeons. Surgeons will perform some or all of the following duties:

Assess patient diseases or disorders to determine appropriate surgical procedures
Perform and supervise surgical procedures to correct physical abnormalities and deficiencies and repair injuries.

  • Anaesthesiologist

Sometimes called anaesthetists, these are doctors who provide anaesthesia or sedation for patients undergoing surgery. Anaesthesiologists also provide pain relief for patients following surgery, or as part of specialized acute or chronic pain teams.

  • Clinical nutritionists

Nutritionists in healthcare facilities do much more than plan a menu. They work with individual patients to make sure they are getting proper nutrition based on their medical condition. As a doctor or nurse in a healthcare facility, you may need to consult with a clinical nutritionist in instances where patients are on a calorie-restricted diet or those who have dietary limitations due to their conditions. Nutritionists also work closely with patients who are unable to eat and are fed liquid through tubes due to their conditions.

  • Pharmacist

A health professional who prepares, distributes, and stores medications, ensuring safety, accuracy, and quality.

  • Psychiatrist

This health care professional specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health problems. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication and help develop a treatment plan for a person with schizophrenia.

  • Nursing Staff

The nursing staff works as a team with you, your physician and other professionals as your partner in recovery. Your nursing team is led by a registered professional nurse who will develop a plan based on your physician’s treatment orders, teach you about your medical condition, and help you achieve your goals. Other team members include licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants. If you have questions about your care, just ask a member of your nursing team any time.

  • Pathologist

A person who looks at samples of your biopsy under a microscope and does tests on them to find out what type of lymphoma you have.

  • Radiologist

A person who specialises in interpreting X-rays and scans; sometimes takes biopsies to diagnose lymphoma.

  • Attending Physician 

A board certified physician who is responsible for your plan of care and leads your hospital care team.

  • Rehabilitation Services

Depending on your illness or injury, your doctor may prescribe physical or occupational therapy to begin during your hospitalization. The therapist aims to increase patients' mobility, reduce their pain, and teach patients and caregivers simple exercises to perform in the hospital and after discharge. Patients who experience difficulty swallowing or speaking may also receive a visit from a speech therapist.


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Dermatology and Venereology

​The Department of Dermatology and Venereology cares for male and female patients of all ages with diseases of the skin. The department provides high levels of dermatology health services to patients with skin conditions, including skin cancers, immune and allergic processes, diseases of other organ systems with skin manifestations, skin infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The services provided range from diagnostic to invasive and non-invasive therapeutic procedures.

The Department of Dermatology and Venereology works with all departments within the hospital, but particularly closely with the medical, pediatric, intensive care and burns units, and plastic surgery departments. It also works collaboratively with the Oncology Department.

The department prides itself in offering a wide range of therapeutic services, using the latest technology. It currently offers:

  • Medical topical therapies (medicines applied to the skin) 
  • Phototherapy (light treatment)
  • Photodynamic therapy (uses light and a light-sensitive medicine)
  • Treatment with various lasers
  • Cosmetology (improving the appearance of the skin through dermatological procedures)
  • Minor surgical procedures


Pulmonology Department at RS St. Carolus brings together a unique group of pulmonary specialists and medical services to offer coordinated, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of lung conditions including asthma and many others.
The physicians are experts on the latest and most advanced asthma treatments, some of which are very effective. Anyone observing or experiencing an "asthma attack" should try to stay as calm as possible, administer medication, and/or call RS St. Carolus immediately. It is essential that asthma attacks are treated as quickly as possible.
Cough, shortness of breath, abnormal breathing patterns, chest pain, and chest tightness are the most common clinical signs of lung disease. It is important that anyone who experiences these symptoms seeks medical care as soon as possible.
With the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, the Center for Sleep Disorders and other advanced diagnostic equipment, and with the full range of pulmonary specialists, RS St. Carolus can provide the best possible options to diagnose and treat virtually any lung-related condition. Though lung diseases and their symptoms can be stressful, the patients breathe easier knowing they are connected to a vast network of lung care.


The urologists in RS St. Carolus Department of Urology are national leaders in the field of urology. The board-certified or board-eligible urologists offer a wide range of leading-edge treatment options — both surgical and nonsurgical — for medical conditions of the urogenital tract, including the prostate and testicles in males and the kidneys and bladder in both males and females.
The division is well-known for its comprehensive program focused on the prevention, early detection and treatment of early- and advanced-stage prostate cancers. This program includes genetic counseling and screening of family members with a history of prostate cancer.
They also are leaders in using minimally invasive surgical techniques, which greatly reduce the need for large incisions and blood loss during surgery; these procedures include the use of laparoscopy, percutaneous renal (kidney) surgery, cystoscopic and ureteroscopic surgery, and lithotripsy for treating a wide range of tumors and other conditions.
These minimally invasive procedures also reduce patient hospital stays, at-home recovery times and missed work days.
Among the medical conditions treated by this practice and treatment options it offers are the following: Prostate cancer, Benign prostate disease, Bladder cancer, Testicular cancer, Kidney cancer, Female urinary incontinence, Urodynamics, Tension-free vaginal tape, Neurostimulation, Male sexual dysfunction, Male infertility, Pediatric urologic surgery and Reconstructive surgery.
Division surgeons are leaders in offering function-preserving surgical techniques that preserve erection among men with prostate cancer, ejaculation among men with testes cancer, and bladder function among all patients with bladder cancer.


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RS St. Carolus Careers page is available for public. This career page contains a variety of information related to pursuing careers at RS St. Carolus. To know more, please visit the site by clicking the link

There’s never been a better time to join RS St. Carolus team. The hospital is facing a bright and busy future, and the staff have a proven track record in providing high quality, compassionate care for the patients.

The hospital is an exciting place to work, with a range of opportunities across a wide range of clinical fields, as well as support and administrative roles.

Boasting incredible staff benefits and dedicated training schemes, working for RS St. Carolus will not only take your career forward, but could help to transform the lives of the patients.

RS St. Carolus offers all employees some fantastic staff benefits.The hospital also benefits from great location, so whether you're attracted to the bright lights of Jakarta city, it is within easy reach.