RSIA Tambak

RSIA Tambak philosophy of care is based on respect for pregnancy as a state of health and childbirth as a normal, healthy, physiological process. 

Pregnancy and birth are very significant events in a woman’s life and her family. The care RSIA Tambak provides will aim to respect the diversity of women’s needs and the variety of personal and cultural values that women, families, and communities bring to these events. Care will be continuous, personal and responsive to a woman’s health, social and emotional needs.

RSIA Tambak aims to keep women informed at all times of the progress of their pregnancy and likewise any issues that arise during their care. The staffs will encourage decision-making as a shared responsibility between the woman, her family and her care-givers. To facilitate this, care provision must include evidence-based information, education, and counseling support to enable the woman to make informed choices.

RSIA Tambak provides centers of excellence including Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dermatology and Venereology, Dentistry, and Pediatrics.