Asuransi Adira Dinamika Head Office

Adira Insurance was founded on January 24, 2002, as a company engaged in general insurance. Adira Care is a center of information on the needs of health insurance products and Medicillin  services.

With the operational time of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Adira Care team is ready to help and provide solutions to your insurance needs. Adira Insurance is a unit that becomes one of the team 's leading solid insurance in providing solutions for the customers.

There are the varieties of services and information that can be given and carried out by a team of Adira Care:

  • Innovative products information of Adira Insurance .
  • Reporting claims, renewal, complaint, and everything related to the Adira Insurance.
  • Assistance request for ERA, Crane, and Ambulance.

Medicillin is a health insurance product of Adira Insurance. Currently, Medicillin adds simple step and convenience of the customer by presenting Medicillin application based on Android and iOS. With this application, the customer can perform various activities related to health and Medicillin. With Medicillin application, customers can feel the speed of information needed in health insurance Medicillin.

Medicillin applications now provide additional range of features:

Online Claim can be done via the app Medicillin

  • Interesting and varied Promo Features 
  • Updated Health News Feature 
  • Hospital Features with inpatient room rates