Universitas MH Thamrin

MH Thamrin Education Foundation was established to build an international healthcare industry. MH Thamrin Education Foundation which was established in Jakarta by Dr. H. Abdul Radjak, DSOG (Radjak Group), based on notarial certificate number: 115 dated August 24, 1987, Notary: Joenoes E. Moegiman, SH,which is located at Jl. Raya Pondok Gede No. 23-25 Kramat Jati East Jakarta and occupies its own building.

Realization of the University Mohammad Husni Thamrin as a university that produces graduates: reliable, superior in their fields, have good characteristics, entrepreneurial ambition, independent, able to compete nationally and internationally in the global era and adaptive to the development of science and technology.

1. Organizing quality education with considering the needs of the labor in the national and international market.
2. Making academic cooperation with the different institutions both nationally and internationally.
3. Creating professional alumni, productive, creative, innovative and beneficial nationally and internationally.
4. Creating alumni who have ethics, morality and patriotism.

MH Thamrin Education Foundation will continue to be actively involved in the development of qualified human resources, has a broad insight, responsible and has high credibility related to the learned subjects and able to compete in the era of globalization by providing qualified personnel.