Avrist Head Office

PT Avrist Assurance (Avrist) is one of the leading venture insurance company in Indonesia , which has established since 1975. Avrist Critical Guard is one of Avrist health insurance products. Avrist Critical Guard provides protection that you need, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, around the world by :

  • Constant premium until you are 60 years old
  • Total benefits of protection suits to the budget
  • Insurance coverage against 36 critical illnesses
  • Total protection until Rp five hundred million if the critical illness had been diagnosed
  • Updated bonus of 5% from critical illness benefit for 5 years

Application Procedure Policy

Underwriting & Issue Service is an important step procedure of insurance policy application request. Underwriting is an activity related to the evaluation and review of the insurance application submission. Underwriting process includes a review of the submitted application form, as well as the collection of all information relating to the customer's data.

The result of Underwriting stage is decision to: (1) approve the application request in accordance with the desired coverage; (2) approve the application request with the proposed adjustment for coverage; (3) suspend the approval of  the policy application until the prospective customers reach the possible conditions; or (4) reject the application. Policy Issue is an activity to prepare the contract for delivery of the policy to the customers.

At this stage, Avrist will prepare all the policy contract documents that have been approved, and submit it to the applicant, usually through the agent who sells the insurance.

General Requirements of Policy Application

The general requirements for the submission of applications for individual prospective policyholders are:

  • Complete the application form completely and correctly
  • Attach the supporting documents as follows :
  1. Sheets agency reports
  2. Copy of ID card / driving license / valid passport
  3. Copy of birth certificate / card family for ages 0-17
  4. Proof of payment from the cashier
  5. Illustration sheet signed by the applicant
  6. Stamp from the sales office
  7. Declaration form (Residency Permit/KIMS)
  8. Other necessary documents in accordance with the applicable law
  9. Conduct the medical examination, if necessary.