RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi is the efforts of Muhammadiyah association which has the responsibility to realize the mission as the grace for thorough nature, Rs Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi manages the hospital trustfully and professionally to make the hospital as the manifestation of islamic missionary endeavor in the general sense.

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi was inaugurated on December 12, 1986 (10 Rabiul Awal 1407 H) by Mr. R. Suprapto, Governor of Jakarta on that period. RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi was built on an area of 17 681 m2 which currently has had 16 field Accreditation, ISO 9001 certification and this is type B hospital with specialists and sub-specialists medical services with the capacity of 233 beds.

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi gives healthcare services by implementing the value of "WORK as Worship and IHSAN in SERVICE". Ihsan is implemented by serving willingly supported by reliable human resources and facilities to build synergy as the form of fulfilling a duty to provide comfort for each patient.

RS Islam Pondok Kopi is recognized as a regional center for excellence in cardiology, lung center, and OBGYN services. The hospital has evolved to meet the healthcare needs of one of the most diverse regions in the nation, continually setting new standards in quality and innovation in patient care.


Service and Amenities

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Rehabilitation Services

Whether your goal is to come back strong enough from an injury to run — or to recuperate from illness or surgery so you can enjoy watching your grandchildren run in the backyard — RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi Rehabilitation Services is a leading team for getting you back on the road to your best health.

The expert staffs in physical, occupational, speech and audiology therapies for adults and children are important partners every step of the way in your care plan.

Outpatient teams in the advanced facilities offer care for a wide range of conditions, including the latest therapy techniques. RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi help you gain greater strength, flexibility, endurance, and help you reduce or eliminate pain.

Renowned team at Rehabilitation Center of RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi helps you build strength and mobility and re-learn skills of daily living as you progress toward home.

  • Physical Therapy

Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, struggling with chronic back pain, or need strength and balance support to prevent falls, physical therapy is an excellent way to improve mobility, reduce or eliminate pain, and possibly even help you avoid the need for surgery or medications.

  • Occupational Therapy

Whether your goal is to return to work or play, or to take care of basic needs such as dressing, bathing and homemaking, occupational therapy can help you reclaim your independence and manage ever-changing environments.

  • Speech and Language Therapy

Communication keeps us connected, and practice builds confidence. RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi’s speech and language pathologists are uniquely prepared to help both children and adults overcome developmental vocal challenges or speech impairments caused by injury or disease. Our team is also skilled in helping patients regain the ability to eat, drink, chew and swallow.

  • Audiology Services

The ability to hear is a precious gift, but you may not realize that hearing loss can also affect your balance. RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi’s comprehensive audiology program features, advanced diagnostic, rehabilitative services and technologies to help with hearing loss and keep you steady on your feet.


Radiology services at RS Islam Pondok Kopi are among the most advanced in the region. Board-certified radiologists and bio-scientific staff come together to deliver the most modern research and medical diagnosis available. All staff that "read" the thousands of MRIs, X-rays, CT scans and other images done each year at RS Islam Pondok Kopi are specially trained in evaluating images of specific body parts.

Among the more advanced Radiology services, is the 64 slice CT scanner. The new CT scanners supply experts with an exquisitely detailed 3-D image of the heart with unparalleled resolution and speed. Doctors can read images off of this scan and get a close up look at the coronary arteries and the heart function, helping doctors decide on the best course of treatment. Other advances at RS Islam Pondok Kopi facilities include open MRI stations and digital imaging systems, including digital mammography.

Beyond the machines, patients at RS Islam Pondok Kopi get the benefit of a team of physicians who are working to accurately diagnose and recommend treatments for patients. RS Islam Pondok Kopi radiologists work closely with other physicians.

RS Islam Pondok Kopi patients don't have to lug images back and forth between doctor office because all images are now available online in the patient's electronic medical record. This tool allows physician at all sites, at any time, to view images providing "real-time" consultations, meaning patients are getting access to care and information about their care faster. When time is of the essence, reports and diagnosis need to be done at all times.

Patients at RS Islam Pondok Kopi have access to the top radiologists and technologists in the field. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-rays, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, mammography, positron emission tomography, nuclear studies, interventional radiology and bone densitometry are all available at RS Islam Pondok Kopi.


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Doctors and specialists who serve in RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi consist of general practitioners, specialists, and sub-specialists as well as other personnel who work within the team according to their expertise.


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RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi offers Eye Center with the complete services ranging from preventive measures, diagnostic, curative, operative, until the rehabilitation phase. Ophthalmologist team perform a number of eye diseases treatments such as cataract surgery, glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery, as well as a variety of other eye disorders, using the latest equipment.

Cardiovascular Center

RS Islam Pondok Kopi offers a full range of cardiovascular disease evaluation and treatment for patients requiring hospitalization, including invasive procedures for arrhythmias, blood vessel disease and heart failure.

These services include ablation of arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation; coronary artery stenting, pacemaker and defibrillation placement; and heart support device placement. Also, the surgeon perform coronary bypass surgery, heart valve repair or replacement, heart transplantation and vascular surgery.

Neuro Center

Neuro Center at RS Islam Pondok Kopi helps patients manage conditions such as epilepsy, memory loss, movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease), multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, stroke and other neurology-related issues.

Experts in the fields of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neuroradiology, Neuro-Ophthalmology and other services collaborate to ensure every individual receives comprehensive care. Patients are treated in both inpatient and outpatient settings by a nationally recognized team of physicians, advanced practice clinicians, nurses and technicians who have access to the most advanced technology in the field.

Lung Center

The Lung Center is a multidisciplinary team consisting of pulmonologists, radiologists, thoracic surgeons, respiratory therapists and other clinicians who specialize in the testing, diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases and disorders.

At the Lung Center, RS Islam Pondok Kopi's doctors treat a variety of disorders, including asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchiolar disorders, chronic obstructive lung disease (chronic bronchitis and emphysema), infectious lung disease, interstitial lung diseases (including pulmonary fibrosis), shortness of breath and other pulmonary disorders.

The pulmonary function laboratory offers a variety of lung tests in certified lab with respiratory therapists specially trained in pulmonary testing. Services available in the lab include Spirometry, Lung Volumes, DLCO, six-minute walk test, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (VO2), Bronchoprovocation testing with Methacholine, arterial blood analysis and inhaler education.

Diagnostic bronchoscopy is an outpatient procedure used to view the lungs, airways, vocal cords and trachea. Samples of the lung can be taken for evaluation of infection, cancer and other lung diseases. This procedure aids the physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disorders.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a medical specialty that evaluate and treat predominantly female diseases of the sexual and reproductive organs and the urogenital system. Gynaecology also monitors pregnancies, ante-natal care, delivering babies, preventing female diseases (cancer screening, mammograms), contraception, family planning, and counselling and treating women during the menopause.

In surgical gynaecology and obstetrics, specialists at RS Islam Pondok Kopi are qualified to carry out surgery on women suffering from diseases of the breasts, sexual organs and urinary system. They conduct caesarean sections to deliver babies. Surgery is performed in cases of abnormal menstruation (endometriosis), tumours, benign ulcers (fibroids), organ and cellular alterations, malformations, urinary incontinence and so on. Specialists also carry out tubal ligation for women seeking to avoid pregnancy. 


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Sorry, currently there is no vacancy for the needs of medical personnel. For further information, you may contact the HRD unit.