RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi is the efforts of Muhammadiyah association which has the responsibility to realize the mission as the grace for thorough nature, Rs Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi manages the hospital trustfully and professionally to make the hospital as the manifestation of islamic missionary endeavor in the general sense.

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi was inaugurated on December 12, 1986 (10 Rabiul Awal 1407 H) by Mr. R. Suprapto, Governor of Jakarta on that period. RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi was built on an area of 17 681 m2 which currently has had 16 field Accreditation, ISO 9001 certification and this is type B hospital with specialists and sub-specialists medical services with the capacity of 233 beds.

RS Islam Jakarta Pondok Kopi gives healthcare services by implementing the value of "WORK as Worship and IHSAN in SERVICE". Ihsan is implemented by serving willingly supported by reliable human resources and facilities to build synergy as the form of fulfilling a duty to provide comfort for each patient.

RS Islam Pondok Kopi is recognized as a regional center for excellence in cardiology, lung center, and OBGYN services. The hospital has evolved to meet the healthcare needs of one of the most diverse regions in the nation, continually setting new standards in quality and innovation in patient care.