RS Islam Jakarta Sukapura

Rumah Sakit Islam Jakarta Sukapura is one of the hospitals under the control of Muhammadiyah central leadership. The idea of building this hospital is based on the wishes of the founder of the Islamic Hospital's founder at the time, so that the Moslems in our beloved country, have hospital within Islam breath. dr. H. Kusnadi who was the leader of Muhammadiyah, was intrigued and began to try to build the hospital and its characterized-Islam services.

Based on the initiative of dr. H. M. Subki Abdul Kadir who was the chief executive of RS Islam Jakarta Cempaka Putih, set up a hospital in an area of 16 808 m2 situated on the road of Tipar 5 Sukapura Cakung, North Jakarta now known RS Islam Jakarta Sukapura. This was the forth hospital owned by Muhammadiyah in Jakarta built with assistance from various parties, especially from BAZIS DKI. The hospital was inaugurated on May 4, 1992 by the Minister of Religious Affairs at the time, Prof.DR. Munawir Sadjali, MA.

Making sure you get the compassionate care you need is the first priority at RSIJ Sukapura. From Ophthalmology to Pulmonology, Urology to Obstetrics & Gynecology, RSIJ Sukapura has medical services to care for you from head to toe. RSIJ Sukapura is proud to bring you the medical specialty care you need, where and when you need it. 

Explore services and specialties are offered below. You’ll find information on tests and screenings, as well as common procedures offered at RSIJ Sukapura.

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