Prima Medika Hospital

Prima Medika Hospital was established to provide therapy to cure patients. A good hospital consists of not only a sturdy and well-maintained building, also must have a complete equipment and the latest medical technology and supported by qualified human resources as well as trained in the handling and care of patients.

"Care with quality and hospitality" is the foundation of all movement and management performance, employees and founder of Prima Medika Hospital. Throughout its history, Prima Medika Hospital has continued to evolve to meet the changing health care needs. The Hospital on Jl. Pulau Serangan 9X Denpasar Bali first opened its doors in 2002.

Today, Prima Medika Hospital  is well known for its comprehensive services: surgery (general surgery, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, vascular surgery and urology surgery), pediatrics, pulmonology, heart  and vascular, ophthalmology, ENT, tropical diseases medicine, and much more.

At Prima Medika Hospital, the focus is on excellent quality, patient-centered care. The staffs put the patients first, and they provide excellent quality care indiscriminately and without consideration of financial factors. The patient-centered model of primary and preventive care encourages patient participation and interaction. Prima Medika Hospital welcome questions from patients and family members about their care.

Prima Medika Hospital looks forward to providing you with the quality healthcare you expect and deserve.