Rumah Sakit Husada Utama

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama is located at Jl. Prof. Dr. Moestopo 31-35 which stands majestically on a land area of 14.490 m2 with 16 floors and 12 368 m2 of a parking area.

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama is under the ownership of Cipta Karya Utama Husada Co.Ltd that was established in 1993. At present, 99% of the shares are owned by PT Indonusa Prima, which is engaged in the business of health in a broad sense, including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and trading drugs and other.

Husada Utama’s physicians, nurses, and support staff are all focused on one thing—caring for you and your family. The associates and affiliated physicians support Husada Utama’s patient-first philosophy of care, compassion, clinical excellence, and customer service. The hospital proudly cares for more than half-million patients each year across East Java region in the hospitals, urgent care and ambulatory care facilities, and physician offices. The extensive network of providers enables the hospital to offer the highest quality and the most advanced care. 

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama combines the best aspects of medicine and innovation with a complete spectrum of clinical services to advance patient care. The areas of clinical excellence include Andrology, General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dentistry, Heart and Vascular, OBGYN, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Orthopedics, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation, Neuroscience, ENT, and Urology.



Service and Amenities

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100% Smoke free Hospital
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Surgical Services

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama features state-of-the-art surgical facilities where expert surgeons perform a full complement of procedures including minimally invasive surgical options — using advanced laparoscopic techniques — and robotic options. The surgeons, including skilled robotic surgical specialists, apply the latest technological advances to make minimally invasive surgery better than before.

Personalized care is the hallmark of Rumah Sakit Husada Utama and the expert team will work with you to develop a plan that fits your unique needs. Some procedures require a hospital stay while others can be performed on an outpatient basis. The length of your hospital stay will depend on the type of surgery you are having. With recent changes in medicine and advanced technology, many patients are able to go home sooner after surgery than before.

Emergency surgical care is available 24 hours a day.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery Team at Rumah Sakit Husada Utama is dedicated to addressing your needs and concerns in a safe, caring environment.

The experts know that every patient is unique. They’ll take the time to understand your concerns and expectations, to counsel you on the most appropriate procedures for your situation, then follow through with safe, skillful treatment. Whether it’s cosmetic surgery to refine or restore your appearance, or procedures that can restore function to hand, arm, or leg following an injury or illness, the team is ready to bring you the best care for your needs.


Rehabilitation is a process that aims to maximize your recovery and restoration of independence after illness or injury. You are encouraged to consider what you will need to be able to do to function safety at home, as these forms the basis of your rehabilitation.

The patients are accommodated in a designated ward area staffed by appropriately qualified nurses, near fully equipped therapy areas. The core allied health staff are employed by the hospital to ensure their exclusive availability to the defined programs at the level and standards set by the physicians. The service has its own fully equipped Gymnasium and purpose built Hydrotherapy Pool.

Inpatients who are recovering from orthopedic or spinal surgery that would benefit from one of the Programs can be referred by their treating doctor.

The expert rehabilitation team consists of Medical, Nursing, Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Divisional Therapy and Social Work.

The team works closely under the direction of the Rehabilitation Specialist in collaboration with you, your GP and other Specialists to achieve a holistic assessment and integrated treatment regime dedicated to minimizing the effect of disability.


The department strives to deliver quality patient care, educate radiology residents, and function as a problem-solving resource for Rumah Sakit Husada Utama's physicians. All modalities and areas of diagnostic radiology are provided, including cardiothoracic imaging, musculoskeletal radiology, abdominal imaging, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, mammography, emergency radiology, interventional radiology, pediatric radiology, OB/ultrasound, and cardiac nuclear radiology.


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Health professional or healthcare provider is individual who provides preventive, curative, promotional or rehabilitative healthcare services in a systematic way to people, families or communities. The members of a healthcare professional team include:

  • physician
  • specialist
  • registered nurse
  • registered psychiatric nurse
  • nurse practitioner

an allied health professional such as a:

  • diagnostic medical sonographer
  • clinical pharmacist
  • medical laboratory technologist
  • medical radiation technologist
  • occupational therapist
  • physiotherapist



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Rumah Sakit Husada Utama ophthalmologists are trained in the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating a wide variety of disorders, conditions, and injuries of the eyes. They specialize in both medical and surgical ophthalmology and provide routine exams, glasses, and contact lenses.

Technology, as well as caring approach to treatment, is tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient. Should you require intervention to treat your vision, Rumah Sakit Husada Utama offers the greatest level of comfort, minimally invasive techniques and state-of-the-art retinal laser treatments.

Eye centers provide a full array of diagnostic and treatment options for diseases affecting the eye.


Rumah Sakit Husada Utama’s Dermatology Department offers the highest quality care to help you with all of your medical and cosmetic dermatological needs.

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama offers a convenient, comfortable and confidential environment for your care. The experienced board certified dermatologists offer a full spectrum of care for the skin, hair and nails for patients of all ages. In addition, the medical staff includes the board certified pediatric dermatologist.

The doctors and staff use state-of-the-art technology including a light center with narrow band UVB, advanced laser therapy, and various surgical procedures in the department’s surgical suites Rumah Sakit Husada Utama. The dermatologists work with a team of highly trained mid-level providers and staff to help maintain and improve the health of your skin.

In addition to the medical care, the hospital offers cosmetic consultations during which the staffs can develop a plan tailored to your needs and the desired outcome. In the department, the staffs have a full line of cosmetic products and services. They encourage all patients to consult with a board certified dermatologist before undertaking any skin treatment regimen.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

An ENT examination The Ear, Nose, and Throat department provides a comprehensive ENT service to the people of Surabaya and the surrounding areas.

Rumah Sakit Husada Utama provides medical and surgical care for all ear, nose, throat and audiological conditions for children and adults. In addition to common problems, the hospital offers treatment in the following areas :

  • Ear: hearing disorders, tinnitus, acute and chronic ear infections, balance disorders, glue ear and hearing problems in children, protruding ears
  • Nose: nasal obstruction, rhinosinusitis, allergy, tear duct problems, nasal trauma, snoring & sleep apnoea
  • Throat, Head and Neck: infections, salivary gland disorders, thyroid surgery, neck lumps, voice problems, facial skin lesions

The experts work closely with the respiratory team to diagnose and manage obstructive sleep apnoea. They provide a specialized joint voice clinic with the speech therapy department and a one-stop neck lump clinic which is a multi-disciplinary clinic run by the ENT department in conjunction with the maxillofacial surgery department, the pathology department and the radiology department. They also offer comprehensive management of deaf children with the Paediatric Audiology Service at the Child Development Centre.


Rumah Sakit Husada Utama is proud to offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options for a wide range of adult and pediatric urological conditions, such as urinary incontinence, prostate and kidney cancers, kidney stones, male infertility and kidney dysfunction.

Every member of the team is a respected leader in their field of expertise, combining excellent credentials and experience with superb clinical skills and the ability to apply minimally invasive and robotic techniques where appropriate. The department also is at the forefront of basic scientific and translational research and a primary site for clinical trials that offer new hope for patients.


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Rumah Sakit Husada Utama is committed to the recruitment, development, and retention of the highest caliber of staff, in order to provide the best quality healthcare to all of its patients and enable the achievement of the objectives of the Hospital. The principles observed in the treatment and care of patients and in the dealings with staff are based on the core values of human dignity, compassion, justice, quality, advocacy and mutual respect.

Listings of current vacancies can be viewed through the web of Rumah Sakit Husada Utama