Eka Hospital BSD

Eka Hospital in Bumi Serpong Damai is a private general hospital committed to provide quality health care service from dedicated and professional staff using the latest technology and the highest standard facility. The hospital offers a premium service in key areas of healthcare, including: neurosurgery, spinal surgery, cardiac care, orthopaedics, acute neurological rehabilitation, pediatrics, and OBGYN.

Just an hour from the city, located at Central Business District Lot. IX, BSD City serpong, Tangerang, Banten, Eka Hospital BSD allows easy access to all of Jakarta’s attractions, whilst offering a quiet haven away from the noise and bustle of the city.

With a strong quality culture especially in patient safety, Eka Hospital BSD constantly challenges itself to provide faster, better, cheaper and safer care for patients. To achieve this, the hospital keeps in investing in its staff, facilities, medical technology and system improvements. In recognition of its commitment to excellent patient care and its comprehensive range of quality healthcare services, Eka Hospital BSD has been awarded the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

The quality domains apply to all staff and departments. Eka Hospital BSD strives for excellence in healthcare by encouraging a culture of support, respect, integrity and teamwork; by monitoring and assessing the performance against national and international standards of care; by learning from the successes and setbacks; by striving to improve what Eka Hospital BSD does through innovation and change; and by ensuring the medical team works in partnership and collaboration with all local agencies of health and social care.

Service and Amenities

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100% Smoke free Hospital
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Multi-Lingual Staff
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We are sorry, but this hospital no not have any partner agreement with us, and we can therefor not display any contact data or guarantee that all information is up to-date and correct. For more information about our partner agreement please contact partner@i-medix.net.

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Eka Hospital BSD’s pharmacy department provides and supervises the use of all medicines prescribed. This key role, known as medicines management, begins with coordinating the way in which medicines are selected, purchased and delivered to the hospital. It includes overseeing the way that they are prescribed and given to patients and means reviewing each patient’s prescription regularly to ensure medicines are being used in the best way. The pharmacy department also manufactures bespoke medicines on site, improving access to specialist medicines for patients.

The pharmacy department provides a 24/7 service to patients with high standards of care reflected in its regular high scores for performance audited on a national and local basis.

Clinical pharmacy teams, consisting of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, provide advice to those prescribing medicines throughout the hospital to ensure that patients receive the best quality treatment for their care. They also provide advice to patients on how to best use their medicines. All patients have their medication reviewed and adjusted for optimal therapy and all wards are visited daily. 

A dedicated medicines information facility provides support for healthcare staff and patients who have questions about medicines. Staff and patients phone the centre, which has a telephone helpline for patients. Dispensary staff members provide advice and ensure that prescriptions are dispensed efficiently and accurately.

The department’s purchasing team ensures that medicines are purchased at the best prices available and that the quality and availability of products are maintained. The department takes part in many clinical trials to research the use of new medicines or new ways of using existing ones. Pharmacy staff ensure the safe use and storage of medicines. 


Eka Hospital BSD's Accredited Laboratory offers a full range of outpatient laboratory services to meet the diagnostic testing needs of the community. The laboratory facilities for patients referred from physicians, hospital services or other health care settings. The staff consists of highly trained, professional medical technologists dedicated to delivering personalized services to meet your specific testing needs. Please know you do not need to be a patient of Eka Hospital BSD to use the laboratory services. 

The Laboratory at Eka Hospital BSD is divided into separate sections, depending on the technology being used or the specific type of testing being done. Clinical Chemistry concentrates on tests done on the fluid portion of blood, as well as some other bodily fluids. Hematology looks at the cellular components of blood and coagulation involved in clotting. Microbiology deals with infectious diseases, which can include diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, or tuberculosis. The Blood Bank deals with transfusions and Donor Services receives blood from donors to supply the Blood Bank. Phlebotomy collects blood specimens for testing. Histology and Cytology deal with anatomic pathology.

Staffed by pathologists, lab technologists and lab technicians, Eka Hospital’s Lab is in operation 24/7. Aside from being able to cross match units of blood and arrange for blood transfusions, the lab is always ready to accept specimens for culture, cardiac enzymes, drug monitoring, and basic testing such as coagulation testing, complete blood count (CBC), electrolytes, and chemistry assays.

A hospital laboratory is an integral part of the hospital, as it is a “service center” that consults with patients’ physicians. History and good communication between the lab and the ordering physician are important. In this regard, hospital labs offer an advantage. The ability to correlate with previous results or with physician clinical information adds a layer of scrutiny beyond all the internal efforts made toward accuracy. If there is any question, problem with the nature of a specimen, or any technical, storage, or transportation problem, there will be rapid communication, and any suspect result will be re-checked.

It is a good idea to keep a record of your lab results for future reference and comparison. If a lab result is normal, filing a copy is sufficient. If a lab result is abnormal, it should be discussed with your physician who might recommend repeating the test or running some additional testing to determine the cause of the abnormality.


The Department of Radiology at Eka Hospital BSD provides state-of-the-art imaging services. The hospital is committed to providing the patients and referring physicians with insightful subspecialty interpretations as well as rapid reporting of critical findings.

The department is divided into subspecialty sections, and patient imaging will always be interpreted by physicians with significant knowledge and experience in those particular areas. In addition, the technologists are certified and registered in their areas of specialty to providing personalized service and accurate, expert imaging and interpretation. The staffs are also committed to working with your physician to ensure timely and convenient scheduling of appointments and follow-up with results.

Radiology of Eka Hospital BSD offers a wide range of radiology services including routine diagnostic X-rays, fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and EKG. These services are offered on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. The radiology department is also staffed on a 24-hours a day for emergencies.


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A multidisciplinary team is composed of members from different healthcare professions with specialised skills and expertise. The members collaborate together to make treatment recommendations that facilitate quality patient care. Multidisciplinary teams form one aspect of the provision of a streamlined patient journey by developing individual treatment plans that are based on 'best practice'.

Multidisciplinary teams aim to address treatment that is focused on both the physical and psychological needs of the patient. Multidisciplinary team in a hospital consists of: Physicians, Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists, Specialists, Subspecialists, Nurse, Technicians, Dietitians, Therapists and Pharmacists.



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Cardiologists at Eka Hospital BSD are at the forefront of advancing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and vascular disease. The hospital treats a variety of cardiovascular disorders including coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia, heart valve disease, heart muscle disease, heart defects and peripheral vascular disease. Eka Hospital BSD provides a combination of personalized care, renowned expertise and advanced treatments.

A cardiologist is a physician who specializes in the treatment of heart disease. Eka Hospital BSD cardiologists treat some of the most complex and malignant cases of heart and vascular disease, which are often referred or transferred from other hospitals in the region. The hospital also places an emphasis on early diagnosis, lowering the risk of recurrent disease and preventing the onset of disease for those at risk.

The primary mission of the Cardiology Department is to provide exemplary comprehensive medical and surgical care to the patient needing cardiovascular care. Eka Hospital BSD emphasizes the prevention and management of cardiovascular disorders, as well as advancing the use of innovative noninvasive approaches to treating patients without open-heart surgery.

Eka Hospital BSD offers patients with heart disorders the broadest and most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment options inBSD Tangerang. In fact, the hospital is one of the heart centers in Indonesia to implant stents to open blocked arteries and to use drug-eluting stents to prevent re-obstruction of coronary vessels after stenting.

The advanced technology allows the staffs in Eka Hospital BSD to image arteries and the heart with never-before-seen clarity and details in order to make accurate diagnoses of coronary heart disease. Besides, Patients have access to an array of cardiac treatment options, including medication, dietary adjustments, exercise, angioplasty, ablation and heart surgery.

The physicians at Eka Hospital BSD have helped pioneer the use of minimally invasive procedures that enable a growing number of patients to avoid open-heart surgery. This translates into less patient discomfort, fewer medications and earlier discharges from the Hospital.


The Department of Gastroenterology is a leader in diagnosing and treating disorders of the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum), liver, gallbladder and pancreas. The Department works collaboratively with all specialties to provide multidisciplinary care. The Department has skill in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures work closely with the surgeons and oncologists to stage tumors.

The Department’s expertise in general endoscopic and advanced therapeutic procedures provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic management for benign and malignant gastrointestinal disorders.

The department of Gastroenterology at Eka Hospital BSD also offers a wide range of tests and treatment for motility disorders such as esophageal and anorectal manometry, esophageal PH monitoring and hydrogen breath testing. Anorectal biofeedback is an option for patients with fecal incontinence and/or constipation.

Specialized multidisciplinary clinics for pancreatic and biliary disorders and inflammatory bowel disease provide an avenue for patients with special disorders to access the most up to date treatments.

Digestive disorders range from the occasional upset stomach, heartburn and nausea to the more serious and life-threatening cancers. Most digestive disorders and diseases are complex, with subtle symptoms and the causes of many remain unknown. Some may be genetic or develop from multiple factors such as stress, fatigue, diet, smoking and/or alcohol abuse.

Diagnosis of a digestive disorder requires a thorough and accurate medical history and physical examination. Some may need to undergo more extensive diagnostic evaluations including laboratory tests, endoscopic procedures and imaging techniques. The physicians, Nurses and staff all work together to provide comprehensive care from the time of the visit to managing patient questions, requests and concerns outside of the visit.


Departemen Gastroenterologi adalah pemimpin dalam mendiagnosis dan mengobati gangguan saluran pencernaan (esophagus, lambung, usus kecil, usus besar dan rektum), hati, kandung empedu dan pankreas. Departemen bekerja sama dengan semua spesialisasi untuk memberikan perawatan multidisiplin. Departemen memiliki keterampilan dalam prosedur diagnostik dan terapeutik bekerja sama dengan ahli bedah dan ahli kanker untuk tahap tumor.

Keahlian Departemen dalam endoskopi umum dan prosedur terapi canggih menyediakan manajemen diagnostik dan terapeutik yang komprehensif untuk gangguan pencernaan jinak dan ganas.

Departemen Gastroenterologi di Eka Hospital BSD juga menawarkan berbagai macam tes dan pengobatan untuk gangguan motilitas seperti esofagus dan anorektal manometri, monitoring PH esofagus dan pengujian napas hidrogen. Anorectal biofeedback adalah pilihan untuk pasien dengan inkontinensia tinja dan / atau sembelit.

klinik multidisiplin khusus untuk pankreas dan gangguan empedu dan penyakit inflamasi usus memberikan jalan untuk pasien dengan gangguan khusus untuk mengakses yang paling up to perawatan date.

gangguan pencernaan berkisar dari sesekali marah perut, mulas dan mual pada kanker lebih serius dan mengancam jiwa. Kebanyakan gangguan pencernaan dan penyakit yang kompleks, dengan gejala halus dan penyebab banyak tetap tidak diketahui. Beberapa mungkin genetik atau mengembangkan dari beberapa faktor seperti stres, kelelahan, diet, merokok dan / atau penyalahgunaan alkohol.

Diagnosis gangguan pencernaan membutuhkan riwayat kesehatan menyeluruh dan akurat dan pemeriksaan fisik. Beberapa mungkin perlu menjalani evaluasi diagnostik yang lebih luas termasuk tes laboratorium, prosedur endoskopi dan teknik pencitraan. Para dokter, perawat dan staf semua bekerja sama untuk memberikan perawatan yang komprehensif dari waktu kunjungan untuk mengelola pertanyaan pasien, permintaan dan kekhawatiran di luar kunjungan.


The mission of the Department of Urology is to provide the most comprehensive urologic care possible, emphasizing the needs of the individual patient in a compassionate setting. Eka Hospital BSD strives to deliver excellent urologic services through an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. The Urology services at Eka Hospital BSD are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in all aspects of urology including highly sophisticated technologies such as robotic assisted surgery, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and laser therapies.

The urological team provides comprehensive and specialized urologic medical and surgical care. High-quality and personalized urology care includes: adult and general urology, pediatric urology, urologic gynecology, and urological oncology, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer and surgical and non-surgical treatment of kidney stones.


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Take your career to the next level at Eka Hospital BSD. The hospital offers a robust benefits package and endless opportunities for growth. Eka Hospital BSD is a nationally-ranked, locally-trusted, premier healthcare institution located in BSD Tangerang.

The demand for qualified healthcare staff is currently limited, but there are a few open positions. All available positions at Eka Hospital BSD are listed on the website http://www.ekahospital.com/en/career/.