Santosa Hospital Bandung Central

An International standard hospital is now available in the cool city of Bandung. Santoso Hospital Bandung Central located in Jl. Kebonjati No.38, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat was officially opened by Minister of Health, Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, SpJp(K) on November, 4th  2006. The hospital is well-equipped with the medical facilities. As the most prominent hospital in West Java, Santosa Hospital is collaborating with overseas hospitals and institutions such as Victoria Heart Center-Epworth Hospital Melbourne, Australia, Singhealth (Singapore General Hospital, National Neuroscience Institute, and National Heart Center Singapore.

A few of Santosa Hospital’s many highly specialized services include : Neuroscience Centre , Cardiac Centre(Pusat Pengobatan Penyakit Jantung & Pembuluh Darah), Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dermatology, Cancer Service, OBGYN, and Pediatrics

Santoso Hospital is also characterized by having medical clinicians who are comfortable working with many other specialists in an interdisciplinary, team-based environment. Familiarity and ease with this level of collaboration allow staff to harness the powerful interaction of three distinct but interrelated missions: research, education, and patient care.

At Santosa Hospital, each and every patient has an extensive number of specialists who can be seamlessly integrated into their healthcare team. Besides, Patients will have a team of people and specialists taking care of them, all supported with the highest technology. All of a patient’s medical information is consolidated into a single medical record thus eliminating the potential for miscommunication.