BIMC Hospital Kuta

Established in 2005, the four-storey facility lies strategically in Simpang Siur, Kuta, granting easy access for patients coming from all over Bali, whether for an emergency or a planned visit. 

BIMC Hospital Kuta encompasses Centres of Excellence of Cardiologist, Digestive surgeon, Dermatologist, General surgeon, Surgical oncology consultant, Internal Medicine, Nephrologist, Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Obstetric & gynecology, Orthopedic surgeon, Pediatric, Plastic surgeon, Rehabilitation physician, and Otolaryngology.

Caring for patients in a hospital setting involves an integrated team of medical professionals. At BIMC Hospital Kuta, the hospital medical teams work together to provide you with the best possible treatment and outcomes in a comfortable, well-equipped setting.

Even if you’re admitted to the hospital through the emergency room, a hospitalist notifies your physician, confers about your condition and status, and coordinates care with appropriate specialists. When you’re ready to go home, the medical team helps you make the transition back to your primary care physician, providing detailed reports from your visit, including lab results and diagnostic images, and recommendations for follow-up care to ensure you make a full recovery.