RS Awal Bros Batam

RS Awal Bros Batam is a multispecialty hospital of national repute. RS Awal Bros Batam is famous for its ambience, quality of care and high level patient satisfaction. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with latest equipments and renouned consultants ensure that patients from Batam and its surrounding come for highly specialized tertiary level treatment. RS Awal Bros Batam was established in 2003 providing advanced and comprehensive medical and surgical treatment. Since its inception many more specialities have been added and presently it is a multispeciality hospital. 

Promoted by Awal Bros Group one of the leading business healthcare in Indonesia, RS Awal Bros located in Jl. Gajah Mada Kav. 1, Kepulauan Riau provides curative and preventive medical care through a caring environment.

Located in pleasant ambience of Batam,RS Awal Bros Batam today has grown into a leading knowledge center. With a comprehensive and seamless approach to clinical services, the hospital aims at providing tertiary care. The facilities at the hospital are constantly upgraded to keep pace with global advances in related fields.

The key thrust area of RS Awal Bros Batam are Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Urology, Gastro-Surgery, Kidney transplant, ailments affecting Liver, Kidney, Gall Bladder, Pancreas and Gastro Intestinal Tract system. Highly specialized care is available in General Medicines, Geriatrics, Diabetic, Endocrinology, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Critical Care, Gynaecology, ENT, Cancer treatment, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Nutrition and Dietetics, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology.

The services are supported 24x7 by Blood Bank, accredited Laboratory,Pharmacy, Radiology and Ambulance Services. RS Awal Bros Batam has highly experienced and specialized doctors who are renowned nationally and are leaders in their respective fields. The services are backed by a staff that is well trained, caring and with an excellent work culture.


Service and Amenities

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Rehabilitation Services and Wound Care

Whether it is Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy,  RS Awal Bros Batam Rehabilitation Center has the facilities and staff to optimize your recovery in a warm and friendly environment. The multidisciplinary approach is designed to alleviate pain, restore function and improve mobility through individualized rehabilitative programs. The highly qualified staff offers a variety of comprehensive treatment protocols as well as many specialty care services.

RS Awal Bros Batam Rehabilitation Center has a wide variety of services that will meet the needs of the patients and their families. 


Certified radiologists have the expertise and experience to deliver you the best experience possible. The state-of-the-art radiology department effectively diagnoses, monitors and treats disease seven days a week. RS Awal Bros Batam also provides a safe and supportive environment by making the effort to understand your unique needs and provide a welcoming and comfortable facility for you and your loved ones.

Equipped with the most advanced medical diagnostic imaging and treatment technology, the team of imaging technologists has specialized certifications in their area of expertise. Technologists have also pledged to the ACR for Image Wisely, Image Gently, for adult and pediatric imaging, always striving to find the balance between radiation safety and image quality.

Pharmacy Service

Pharmacists can help to support the health of your family; they can provide advice and treatment for common minor illnesses for all ages.

Pharmacists ensure that prescriptions are dispensed correctly and that the medicine and dose is appropriate for you, so that you receive the maximum benefits from your medicines. Your pharmacist will help you understand what your medicines are prescribed for, how to take them, possible side effects and how to store them.

All advice and treatment is conducted in a professional and confidential manner and most services are provided free of charge and do not generally require an appointment.


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    During your stay, you'll come into contact with many people. You can expect your team of caregivers to introduce themselves and let you know what role they play in your care, what they're planning to do and the effects you can expect.

    RS Awal Bros Batam provides you with access to a team of dedicated physicians and specialists with national-renowned expertise in cutting-edge treatments and the latest advancements in healthcare.

    One physician will oversee your care, but you may also receive treatment from many others, including Attending Physicians, Specialists, Hospitalists and Intensivists, Residents, interns, Nursing Staff, Case Managers, Dietitians, Pharmacists, and Therapists. 

    The staffs share a commitment to uphold the highest possible standards of practice and provide compassionate, expert care for you. If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of your healthcare team.


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    The Division of Nephrology has modern diagnostic procedures to identify early forms of kidney (renal) disease. Patients have therapy options that help avoid complications of a variety of chronic kidney disorders. The Division of Nephrology also specializes in the diagnosis and therapy of fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, including those related to serum sodium. The nephrologists are recognized for excellence in regard to the diagnosis and therapy of high blood pressure, as well as for the medical evaluation and treatment of kidney stone disease.

    Patients in need of treatment for acute and chronic advanced kidney disease will receive comprehensive services at the RS Awal Bros Batam Acute and Chronic Renal Care Center. The center has state-of-the-art dialysis technology and offers home care therapies, including home hemodialysis and continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). A multidisciplinary team of specialists provides follow-up care, educational seminars, and nutritional counseling to help guide patients through renal and hypertensive therapy.

    Endocrinology Department

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires continuing medical care and self-management.

    There are many issues beyond good blood sugar control that need to be addressed. Comprehensive care for diabetic patients is provided through the team of diabetologist, nurse educator, dietician, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, and physiotherapist. Other than monitoring blood sugars, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and adverse effects of drug therapy, the staffs also have a program to screen the feet, eyes, and kidneys for complications of diabetes.

    RS Awal Bros Batam manages a whole spectrum of endocrine and metabolic diseases. As most endocrine disorders are chronic disorders, the hospital integrates care by facilitating step-down care or through co-management with the referring primary care physicians when appropriate.

    Department of Neurology

    RS Awal Bros Batam Department of Neurology offers comprehensive medical care for a broad spectrum of neurologic conditions for people of all ages.The evaluation, diagnosis, medical management and treatment interventions include the latest advances and most promising approaches to patients with neurological diseases, ranging from acute neurologic interventions to the management of chronic neurologic conditions. RS Awal Bros Batam offers advanced management and treatment modalities to patients with Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, spasticity and neuromuscular disease. The Department also provides state-of-the-art rehabilitation services.

    Neurologists work closely with neurosurgeons, physiatrists, radiologists, neuropsychologists and physicians from other specialties to provide individualized care for all patients. 

    Ears, nose and throat (ENT)

    The ENT service aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with ear, nose and throat disorders and provide timely and accurate advice and information. The team works closely in partnership with other healthcare professionals. The service offers a full range of non-emergency ENT and head and neck services, including support for minor ENT emergencies. The ENT Department also provides their emergency cover.

    ENT surgery offers services to treat disorders and defects of the ears, nose (including sinuses), throat, head and neck. Services are provided for adults and children on an inpatient or day patient basis.



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    Whether you’re a surgeon, nurse, unit coordinator, environmental services aide, or central scheduling representative, all of the staffs share a passionate pursuit of putting the patient first. RS Awal Bros Batam recognizes that a hospital stay can be a life-changing-event for everyone involved. Only by working together can the staffs truly do the best as a team to help the patients heal physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

    Awal Bros Batam Hospital is part of a private hospital network. Although currently there isn’t any opportunity for you, but with the development of Awal Bros Hospital network, the hospital will continue to need skilled professionals to join.

    It’s a responsibility to treat people. Are you interested in joining a team that shares this belief?