RS Awal Bros Tangerang

RS Awal Bros Tangerang Founded on Augts 21, 2006 in strategic location at Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 3, Kebon Nanas, Cikokol – Tangerang. The hospital Has featured services (Center of Excellence) including Urology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neuroscience, and more.

Awal Bros is one of the major hospital groups in Indonesia who continues to give the best service quality with emphasis on speed, hospitality, accuracy, and responsive to the needs of the patient. Awal Bros is also committed to always put at first the safety of patients' life supported with facilities 24 Hour Emergency Room, Lithotripsy, Stroke Center, Cardiac Cathetherization, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology and many other technological devices to facilitate medical actions.

Awal Bros Tangerang Hospital's building design has the spatial concept of luxury, also provides comfort for the families of the patients currently undergoing treatment therapy. Leisure facilities is provided on par with the services of star hotel, either from the treatment room, the availability of cafe, a small supermarket and ATM, which would provide satisfaction for patients and families.

RS Awal Bros knows that each patient has specific needs and the staffs customize your care experience for you. In collaboration with the patients, RS Awal Bros Tangerang has designed medical and support services and clinic spaces for your unique physical and emotional needs.

RS AWal Bros' goal is to provide you with support throughout your care, from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up. The staffs strive to work as partners with you to address challenges and concerns, whether it be working on symptom management, your ability to live independently, or transitioning back to work and home. Ongoing support groups are also available to provide guidance and share experiences along the way.