RS MH Thamrin Salemba

RS MH Thamrin Salemba  located in Jl. Salemba Tengah No. 24 – 28 Jakarta Pusat was founded in 1998. With the capacity of more than 183 beds and a modern design of contemporary art, RS MH Thamrin continues to grow becoming a "Hotel Styled Hospital" which be proud in serving critical patients need help.

"CARE & TRUST" is adopted in an attempt to give service. Recognition of the quality of services was provided by the official agencies to the Hospital Accreditation in the form of 16 full services of the Ministry of Health in 2008 with license No. YM. 01.10./III/8508 and ISO 9001-2000 World Quality Assurance based in the UK in 2008 with No. QS6431. Hence, RS MH Thamrin has two official accreditation bodies both National and International standards.

RS MH Thamrin Salemba’s dedication to the 'Care and Trust' includes the relentless pursuit of clinical and caring excellence as it relates to every aspect of a patient’s experience. In the focus on healing of body, mind, and spirit, the Excellence in 'Care and Trust' is defined as one that builds and achieves trusted health partnerships for life. It does so primarily by exceeding patient expectations.

MH Thamrin Foundation is a multi-disciplinary clinical team striving to ensure the delivery of the highest quality, safest and most efficient care for every patient, every time, in every MH Thamrin Hospital location. It supports the clinicians and associates with research, expertise and the sharing of clinical best practices so they can deliver the finest care every day.

RS MH Thamrin Salemba provides a comprehensive approach to the patients’ needs. The hospital offers a full range of healthcare services such as Heart & Vascular, Pulmonary Services, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, and more.



Service and Amenities

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100% Smoke free Hospital
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Heart & Vascular

RS MH Thamrin Salemba is dedicated to providing exceptional cardiovascular care. Every doctor at the Heart & Vascular is board-certified in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, vascular surgery and/or vascular medicine. This depth of expertise allows RS MH Thamrin Salemba to offer a full spectrum of cardiovascular services, from prevention up to the most advanced interventions and devices.

Besides the innovation, the staffs are proud to continue to offer the patients a truly unique experience; the staffs combine nationally recognized expertise, technology and research with the family-focused, and personalized care which make RS MH Thamrin has become known for.

Pulmonary Services

At RS MH Thamrin Salemba, the discipline of pulmonary medicine encompasses the evaluation and management of a wide variety of common clinical symptoms, such as chronic cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. The experts also manage many chronic health conditions, including asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, infectious lung diseases (e.g. tuberculosis), and lung cancers as well as rarer disorders, such as interstitial lung diseases (e.g. sarcoidosis and pulmonary fibrosis), pulmonary hypertension, and pleural diseases (conditions involving the lining of the lung).

The Services Include:

  • Asthma & Allergy
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Pulmonology Diseases
  • Sleep Disorders

The physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, and respiratory therapists work collaboratively to develop long-term treatment programs and to respond to acute respiratory crises. So whether it's developing a strategy to deal with a life-long condition like asthma or responding to a patient in acute respiratory failure, the team is there to help everyone breathe a little easier.


Gastrointestinal (GI) problems, which refer to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, affect millions of people everyday. Common health issues is like stomach aches and diarrhea.

RS MH Thamrin Salemba promotes the highest standards in gastrointestinal awareness and treatment. Guided by a strong commitment to the patient community, our employed nurses and endoscopy technicians—along with the board-certified physicians in private practice who use the facilities—offer a rich continuum of services, providing preventative information, screenings, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

RS MH Thamrin understands that the GI tract is a highly intricate system in the human body, therefore the team is dedicated to working with the most advanced resources and advanced technological equipment to support your health and well-being.


Gastrointestinal ( GI ) masalah , yang merujuk pada gangguan saluran pencernaan , mempengaruhi jutaan orang setiap hari . masalah kesehatan umum seperti sakit perut dan diare .

RS MH Thamrin Salemba mempromosikan standar tertinggi dalam kesadaran dan pengobatan gastrointestinal . Dipandu oleh komitmen yang kuat untuk komunitas pasien , perawat kami bekerja dan endoskopi teknisi - bersama dengan dokter bersertifikat - praktek pribadi yang menggunakan fasilitas - tawaran sebuah kontinum kaya layanan , memberikan informasi pencegahan , pemutaran , deteksi dini , diagnosis , dan pengobatan .

RS MH Thamrin mengerti bahwa saluran GI adalah sistem yang sangat rumit dalam tubuh manusia , karena itu tim didedikasikan untuk bekerja dengan sumber daya yang paling canggih dan peralatan teknologi canggih untuk mendukung kesehatan dan kesejahteraan .


Each of  highly skilled doctors understands that keeping your children healthy is more than just treating them when they have a cold. That's why the hospital offers a comprehensive spectrum of pediatric programs and services to help parents at the earliest stages of their child’s development. In addition, by choosing a pediatric physician within RS MH THamrin Salemba, you have seamless access to specialists and other healthcare services available.

RS MH Thamrin Salemba has more than seven pediatric subspecialists for consultation or treatment. Unlike specialists trained to treat adults, pediatric specialists have familiarity with childhood conditions, medication dosages and emotional needs of patients and their families. The pediatric specialists  maintain excellent communication with other physicians and the Children's Hospital staff, which in turn allows them to provide the best care for your child.

By combining state-of-the-art technology with a friendly atmosphere, RS MH Thamrin Salemba helps to ensure the best experience for children in a setting that makes everyone feel right at home. Whether a child needs a physical exam or a surgical service, our staff is available to care for the child and guide the parents every step of the way. The care and safety of our pediatric patients is of the utmost importance. 

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The staffs will continuously serve you with a sincere and personal services. They always listen to your needs and create a personal bonding with each of you. Best Practice and Excellent Service are the mandatory to satisfy our patients and their families.

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Emergency Care

RS MH Thamrin offers emergency services for life-threatening illnesses, accidents, and for minor illnesses at each of its hospitals.

The centers are a cost-effective alternative to full-service emergency rooms when the problem is a minor illness or injury. Each is staffed by physicians and experienced urgent care professionals who treat both adults and children.

All RS MH Thamrin offer full-service emergency departments opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each department is staffed by experienced emergency personnel. 

RS MH Thamrin emergency departments are supported by Heart & Vascular Department and are ideal locations for the treatment of symptoms of heart attack. RS MH Thamrin is known for its commitment to technology and innovation. The emergency departments have access to the latest imaging and laboratory technology available in the hospital.

The emergency departments are supported by the Life Air Rescue helipad which RS MH Thamrin operates in a cooperative agreement with another medical center in the area. In addition, five ground transport ambulances are provided for patient transfer, assuring that patients can access the most appropriate the services. 

Layanan Gawat Darurat

RS MH Thamrin menawarkan layanan gawat darurat untuk penyakit yang mengancam jiwa, kecelakaan, dan untuk penyakit ringan di masing-masing rumah sakitnya.

Pusat adalah alternatif yang hemat biaya untuk ruang gawat darurat dengan layanan lengkap ketika masalahnya adalah penyakit ringan atau cedera. Setiap pusat dikelola oleh dokter dan profesional layanan mendesak berpengalaman yang mengobati baik orang dewasa maupun anak-anak.

Semua RS MH Thamrin menawarkan layanan lengkap departemen darurat buka 24 jam sehari, tujuh hari seminggu. Masing-masing departemen dikelola oleh personil darurat berpengalaman.

RS MH Thamrin Departemen Darurat yang didukung oleh Departemen Jantung& Pembuluh dan lokasi yang ideal untuk pengobatan gejala serangan jantung. RS MH Thamrin dikenal atas komitmennya terhadap teknologi dan inovasi. Departemen darurat memiliki akses ke pencitraan dan laboratorium teknologi terbaru yang tersedia di rumah sakit.

Departemen darurat yang didukung oleh helipad Penyelamatan Hidup di udara yang RS MH Thamrin beroperasi dengan perjanjian kerjasama dengan pusat medis lain di daerah. Selain itu, lima ambulan transportasi darat yang disediakan untuk transfer pasien, meyakinkan bahwa pasien dapat mengakses layanan paling tepat.


The prevention, detection, and treatment of a variety of health conditions—ranging from the seasonal flu bug to the rarest of cancers—depend on accurate and reliable diagnostic testing. The results of sophisticated laboratory tests and the use of advanced diagnostic technologies and methods provide your physician and medical team with essential information critical to your care and well-being.

From the analysis of saliva and blood to microscopic examination of cells and tissue, our experienced professionals precisely interpret and pinpoint the cause and course of myriad diseases and disorders. While often working behind the scenes, our laboratory medicine and pathology experts are up front and center when it comes to delivering high quality personalized care throughout the community.

RS MH Thamrin Salemba performs nearly all pathology laboratory testing of our patients in-house. A full-service department, the hospital provides extensive anatomical, clinical and molecular pathology services.

Our capabilities allow for timely and cost-effective care through:

  • Expedited results—often within days rather than weeks and sometimes even hours
  • Enhanced clinical decision-making—quick and accurate identification of illness and infection leads to more rapid treatment and better outcomes
  • Efficient communication—test results relayed through our electronic medical record system and patient portal, NorthShoreConnect.

An integral part of the health care team, RS MH Thamrin Salemba continue to distinguish ourselves as a national leader in laboratory medicine and pathology services.

The expertise spans all areas of the specialty. RS MH Thamrin Salemba has medical experts in surgical pathology, cytopathology, autopsy, dermatopathology, neuropathology and transfusion medicine, to name a few, who are readily available for clinical consultation with referring physicians. The department’s specialists also serve as faculty members for our strong academic programs—mentoring new leaders in the field.

The team conducts innovative translational research designed to improve detection, disease characterization and personalization of treatment in various specialty areas including infectious disease and molecular, gastrointestinal and neurological pathology.


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MH Thamrin Hospital Group has been continuously growing, providing premium health services with a penchant for excellent customer service, using highly innovative and state-of-the-art technology, and equally manned by highly proficient healthcare professionals and staff. Remarkably competent workforce is one of the unique features that we are proud of. If you are truly determined to make a niche for yourself and grow as a professional in a highly progressive and professional environment, you are invited to apply to join our team.