RS Siloam Bali

RS Siloam Bali is located in Jl. Sunset Road No. 818 Kuta, Badung Bali. The hospital is fully equipped for traumatic and medical evacuation with ambulance service along with hemodialysis and chemotherapy day care services.

RS Siloam Denpasar has received KARS accreditation from Indonesia Ministry of Health. The staffs on RS Siloam Bali Hospital have a strong commitment to delivering treatment at the earliest time as possible. RS Siloam Bali has 24-hour Emergency Department and several of out highly educated end experienced doctors who have multi-language.

Whether it’s for routine care or highly specialized treatment in dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, cancer, radiology, fertility, cardiology, genetic-related diseases, organ transplant, or many other areas of medicine,RS Siloam Bali offers the latest technology and advancements, including some services available nowhere else in the region.

As a hospital that is part of a larger integrated health system, RS Siloam Bali believes the most important responsibilities involve the quality of care and the safety of the patients. To meet the goals of quality and safety, the hospital follows national best practices, from technology to teamwork, to deliver the finest care possible. RS Siloam Bali truly values the patients and promises to treat all who come through the doors with dignity and respect. As RS Siloam Bali continues the quality improvement efforts, the staffs invite and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for putting your confidence in RS Siloam Bali care.