Test Hospital

Some of I-Medics goal is:
  • Collect and publish hospital related information domestic and international.
  • Create search functions so online users can find specific hospital services based on their search criteria and needs.
  • Become the preferred provider of Job adds for the medical area.
  • Become the referred provider of adds for Insurance companies with-inn health care.

Some of our free services to hospitals is:

  • Online search functions to find hospitals is specific areas with specific competence, experience and staff.
  • Search step one: Search on Location, Insurance provider and Primary care services
  • Search step to: Search on Doctor/Specialist Specialty’s – Language spoken and gender
  • Online posting of received data from The Second Party
  • Online posting of available known information about The Second Party
  • Promoting of The Second Party as Certified Partner*

Please contact our Marketing manager on email: lanita@empatix.com or phone +62 21 314 1241

Service and Amenities

NameTjenester/bekvemmeligheter tilgjengelig på sykehusetTjenester/bekvemmeligheter tilgjengelig I alle romTjenester/bekvemmeligheter tilgjengelig I noen rom
100% Smoke free Hospital
Air Filtration
Gift Shop*
Internet Connection*
Computer Hook-up
Cable/Satellite TV*
In-Room Air Conditioning

Email : i-medix@empatix.com

Phone : +62213141241

Address : Jl Test

Jakarta Pusat , DKI Jakarta

12345 , Jakarta

Website : http://www.i-medix.net

    Social Media :

idOur Tjeneste

The Test Hospital have more than 25 of Doctors with long experience and together with the team of 9 Specialist with long experience in blabla bla.

Our 35 of nurses and 3 midwives is also some very important assets on the Test Hospital

Våre ansatte

ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. The intensive care unit is where patients are placed when they need a higher level of care, including closer observation and intensive monitoring. 

They ICU are staffed by highly trained doctors and critical care nurses who specialize in caring for seriously ill patients

idOur Avdelinger

Some of our most used services is Corporate Health Services, but we also do a lot Gynecology, Outpatient Imaging, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Radiology.

Ledige Stillinger

The Test Hospital aims to hold world class within their own area of activity. Moreover, we want growth. We believe culture is important instrument to succeed. 

We work every day to create added value for customers and partners.

All vaccant positions on Test Hospital is listed below.