Test Hospital

Some of I-Medics goal is:
  • Collect and publish hospital related information domestic and international.
  • Create search functions so online users can find specific hospital services based on their search criteria and needs.
  • Become the preferred provider of Job adds for the medical area.
  • Become the referred provider of adds for Insurance companies with-inn health care.

Some of our free services to hospitals is:

  • Online search functions to find hospitals is specific areas with specific competence, experience and staff.
  • Search step one: Search on Location, Insurance provider and Primary care services
  • Search step to: Search on Doctor/Specialist Specialty’s – Language spoken and gender
  • Online posting of received data from The Second Party
  • Online posting of available known information about The Second Party
  • Promoting of The Second Party as Certified Partner*

Please contact our Marketing manager on email: lanita@empatix.com or phone +62 21 314 1241