Hermina Hospital Group

RSIA HERMINA private hospital group is the socio- economic private hospital specializing in the field of obstetrics specialist services, ginecological disease and child health, and supported by units of other specialist services . In carrying out its functions, RSIA HERMINA Group provides health services for women and children, healthcare is granted optimally for the patient, family members of the patients and doctors provider.

In an effort to achieve optimal and professional service, then consistently and continuously management of RSIA HERMINA Group runs a program of quality improvement and control in all areas of service to support the efforts for increasing the quality of service, then the Hospital Development Department and the Department of Education and Training are set up.

Hermina Hospital Group Vision and Mission  


Making RSIA Hermina Hospital Group as the leading of Mom and Child hospital in its scope region and being able to compete in the Era of Globalization.



Make efforts continuously to improve the quality of service to the customers. Hold training and education to the employees in order to be able to provide a professional service. Managing the hospital professionally in order to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness.


Realizing the highest health status of all society through preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare maintenance which are fully implemented. Specializing in health services for mothers and children and can realize the predicate of Hospital Cares Children and Mother.

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