Thamrin Hospital Group

MH Thamrin Hospital Foundation was established on 13 September 1979 by Dr. H. Abdul Radjak, in Central Jakarta. Dr. H. Abdul Radjak, DSOG is the founder and the Chairman of the Foundation of MH. Thamrin Hospital.
MH Thamrin Hospital Foundation is the participation of the community in furthering the ideal of the national hero Mohammad Husni Thamrin in health development in Indonesia.

Since its establishment until now, the foundation has managed three hospitals and 7/24-hour maternity clinics which the locations spread throughout Jabotabek. Besides, at this time, the foundation has 6 Diploma III educational program for health personnel, one of High School health personnel and two non-Health High School. 

The group also has 11 clinics in and around Jakarta.



MH Thamrin Hospital has Education and Quality Department which has a function to give education and train value to all staffs such as nursing division, security, customer service, until administration division, in order to increase human resources and our service.

All the staffs in the Thamrin Hospital group such as receptionist, nurse, security until household and maintenance staffs are prepared to help and give their best services for your comfort and satisfaction. 


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