If you’re looking to find out what I-Medix is all about — in other words, the magic behind – you’ve come to the right place. At I-Medix, we are focused on developing game-changing innovation, in order to improve not only our own products but how we all find the right hospital for our needs.

I-Medix (www.i-medix.com) is perhaps the only platform that makes it possible to search for Hospitals based on Location, Primary care types, service type, Insurance providers, gender and other doctor qualifications, without beeing limited to a specific chain or a smaller group of hospitals.

I-Medix is a project managed by PT Empatix in Indonesia and is planning to launch worldwide.

I-Medix wants to collaborate with all types of Hospitals to collect and make important information available to all users around the world. Hospitals we have a written agreement with is published as I-Medix partners. We will add in data from all hospitals even without any agreement but for those with no agreement search results and published information will be limited.

All our partner hospitals are marked with the I-Medix logo and Partner. This so you know that the information we publish is accurate and correct.




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